Summer Smoothie Ideas!

Annabel, one of our amazing naturopaths at The Herbal Dispensary, shares one of her smoothie ideas! ☺️

 With Summer here, morning smoothies are in full swing. ☀️

 I’ve been adding frozen cucumbers and celery as the base and it’s so good- an alternative to frozen banana (there is absolutely nothing wrong with banana but I find it can make smoothies quite sweet so this is a low fructose option, which may help to sustain blood sugar levels throughout the day). 🥒

 The cucumber has a neutral taste and I combine it with a handful of blueberries, greens like baby spinach or dandelion leaves, a spoonful of raw cacao, hemp seeds for a complete plant protein and avocado for the essential fatty acids and to make a creamy and satisfying base.

 Add some water, blend and sip in the sun. X

Annabel is one of the leading naturopaths at The Herbal Dispensary with her own established online practice