Majic Maté – The Organic Cacao Adaptogenic Maté Latte from Naturally Driven!

Naturally Driven was an idea that was brought to life by two friends on the dance floor at a festival who shared a love of Yerba Maté. They noticed a lack of low sugar, non-alcoholic drinks that contained natural energy boosting ingredients, on the Australian market.
They also found that not many people in Australia knew of the magical South American herb – Yerba Maté. So they created the Naturally Driven range of certified organic Yerba Maté teas, sparkling yerba mate and the new Majic Maté blend! The range is all natural, organic, low sugar, naturally caffeinated, and most importantly, really tasty!!

Majic Maté is an organic superfood blend of Peruvian cacao, roasted yerba maté, MCT oil, reishi and lions mane mushrooms with a blend of spices, coconut sugar and pinch of himalayan pink salt.

The key ingredient in this delicious blend is of course Yerba Maté. Yerba Maté contains “slow release” caffeine which gives you a sustained energy over the day to keep you buzzing in the right way. It helps you stay switched on, focussed and clear.

There are amazing health benefits from the other ingredients in Majic Maté:

 Cacao – polyphenols – blood flow to the brain and a potent antioxidant

 Yerba Maté – boosts mental focus, rich in vitamins and minerals, lowers blood sugars, very high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory

 MCT Oil – promotes weight loss, source of energy, burns fats and contains good fats

 Reishi Mushrooms – immune boosting and anti-anxiety

 Lions Mane Mushrooms – brain food, anti-anxiety and gut healing

 Coconut sugar & spices – low GI for slow release energy

Make as a hot drink by just adding 2 teaspoons to hot milk, give it a good stir and you have the most delicious hot chocolate that gives you energy and amazing health benefits!

Get creative make it into an Iced Majic Maté, pop into your morning smoothie, add to brownies, cakes and muffins. Get inspired and make Majic happen!

For more information on Naturally Driven and their amazing range of Yerba Maté beverages see their website.